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Selling Out The Family: What will happen if you write the story you want to write?

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What will happen if you dare to tell your story? Will your parents disown you, will your kids resent you, will your partner pack their bags?

Join Virginia Scholar and writer-in-residence Hallie Goodman for a thrilling and insightful workshop that dives into the deep end of ethics in memoir and storytelling.  Not only will she school us on the sticky-ness of truth, she will engage us in relevant writing prompts to help elicit the gut wrenching juice.

The first half of this workshop is a lecture/discussion examining case studies of acclaimed writers of both nonfiction and fictionalized autobiographical works. In frank interviews, the writers disclose how they handled things pre-publication, what happened after they published, and what--if anything--might they have done differently if given the chance. The second half will be generative, with writing prompts well suited to the terrain. You'll leave with one (or more) juicy beginnings, along with a robust reading list.

All levels and genres welcome.

$45 per person. Class size is limited to 12 participants, so sign up early to secure your spot!


Hallie Goodman's writing has appeared in many publications including Glamour Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler and Redbook Magazine. A personal essay in Hunger Mountain is forthcoming. She's penned popular blogs for, and, as well as a long-running etiquette column for As a journalist, she once went undercover to the orientation for a swinger’s orgy, and can brief you on the rules (there were a bunch) if that sort of information would be helpful to you. Hallie was a New York Foundation for the Arts MARK fellow, and holds a GED and MFA. She lives in Hudson, New York, where she co-founded Volume Reading and Music Series. She is at work on a memoir in essays.

“Everything Hallie Goodman writes is cutting and keenly observed, in addition to being hysterical. That rare writer who combines darkness and brevity in gut-punching, honest prose, Hallie's work inspires us to always reach deeper and further with our art, and to look unflinchingly at our secret selves.” Courtney Maum, author of the novels TOUCH and I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN HERE WITHOUT YOU.
"I have rarely read prose that so exactly names the best and worst parts of us, the incredible mindfu** of being a woman, and the occasional mercy of having changed for the better. I will read anything she writes." Melissa Febos, author of WHIP SMART and ABANDON ME.
Later Event: February 1