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Medicinal Dye Plants: Natural Dyes + Remedy Making

Medicinal plants are a powerful and alchemic source of natural dye color and herbal medicine. Certain herbs can simultaneously offer medicinal benefits to our bodies and healing benefits to our wardrobes. By better understanding the properties of medicinal plants that double as dye plants, we can see the same plant through a varied lens: Honoring its potential as medicine and natural color. As fast-fashion continues producing at an alarming rate, thereby encouraging an alarming rate of consumption, we can engage in the antidote of Slow Fashion by deepening our relationship to cloth, color, and ultimately creating more meaningful garments. Through these same plants we can also create herbal remedies that support personal wellness, self-care ritual, and routine and thriving health.

Through this workshop, Slow Fashion artist, Katrina Rodabaugh, and Community Herbalist, Lauren Giambrone, will share their expertise in Fiber Arts and Herbalism by offering a two-part workshop that can result in cloth as amulet + artful object, and a medicinal remedy that highlights ritual and intention setting. Sharing the overlap of plants as fiber art, medicine, and tools for personal connection, you’ll learn the basics of natural dyes, working with natural fibers, and medicine making with locally grown and gathered medicinal plants.  

Materials: All necessary materials will be provided. Students will have the opportunity to prepare the dyes, test various fabrics and fibers, and leave with a sample of materials. Students will also be creating an enchanted herbal infused body oil, learning the medicinal and magical properties of many locally grown plants, and engaging in intention setting + ritual practice together as a group.

Note: Please wear studio garments that are not too precious to be in close proximity to various dyes. You are welcome to bring a notebook if you’d like to record notes. The instructors will also bring samples of their own dye projects, favorite natural dye books, medicinal remedies, herbal resources, and offer additional opportunities for participants to continue their inquiry beyond the classroom.


Katrina Rodabaugh is an artist, writer, and crafter working across disciplines to explore environmental and social issues through traditional craft techniques. Her artwork, designs, and writing have appeared in numerous galleries, theaters, magazines, and arts venues across the country. She’s received grants, residencies, and awards for her work and earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Mills College where she trained and taught in the Book Arts Studio. Her blog, Made by Katrina, won the Country Living Blue Ribbon Blogger Award. She is currently on a fast fashion fast, Make Thrift Mend, to deepen her commitment to sustainable fashion, natural dyes, sewing, mending, and preserving garments. Her first book, The Paper Playhouse: Awesome Art Projects for Kids Using Paper, Boxes, and Books was published by Quarry Books in January 2015. She is the artist-in-residence at InstarLodge for September 2017. Visit:




Lauren Giambrone is a Community Herbalist, Medicine Maker + Educator with Good Fight Herb Co. and Wild Gather : Hudson Valley School of Herbal Studies. Lauren came to utilize, study and practice Herbalism by way of “burn-out”, and her needs for better health and self-care strategies. Through her initial studies apprenticing at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine and clinical internship at the Ithaca Free Clinic, Lauren found passion and purpose: to hold space for those seeking to heal, needing support and wanting to be heard; to be a medicine maker; to connect people with plants and the power within themselves to transform and feel better; to do so with Social Justice values and integrity. After studying with various teachers, in 2010 Lauren founded Good Fight Herb Co. Ever since, she’s been working to find more ways to support herself and her communities, plant more medicine, continue her education and facilitate conversations on Health Justice issues so that Herbalism always stays accessible to all. In 2015 she co-found Wild Gather : Hudson Valley School of Herbal Studies, to bring more classes and programming in Herbalism to the Hudson Valley.