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MAPPING PURPOSE: Creativity + Courage Workshop

"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way."—Edward De Bono

Mapping Purpose

What does it mean to lead with integrity or purpose? Can you clearly articulate your integrity or purpose? Why does it matter to know these things about self or enterprise?

This workshop is open to anyone interested in designing a life of purpose, and aligning or re-aligning themselves and work creatively with integrity.

Action aligned with purpose and integrity is direct and strong. When you recognize your integrity, you are emboldened to act and create courageously. This workshop is a catalyst to wholeness and authentic action.

This workshop's learning applies to all forms of work: leadership, entrepreneurship, art, parenting, and more. It is also a great primer to effective branding, artist statements, mission statements, new ventures, a new year, and renewed you!

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Dawn Breeze, an expert in the study and practice of Creativity, believes creativity is the innate spark of the soul, which can manifest positive change and beautify our lives.  During Creativity + Courage™ workshops Breeze helps participants better understand where creativity resides in oneself, where one may be blocking it, and how one can uniquely begin developing it to apply to daily life, one’s professional, and creative practice.

Breeze's creativity workshops develop a personal connection with one's innate creativity as a resource for self-knowledge, and a pathway to wholeness and joy.  The workshops are original, surprisingly deep, while also being playful hands-on-art-based.

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“What’s so incredible is that despite having experienced her workshops so many times, I’m still learning and finding value.  I’ve witnessed remarkable results and breakthroughs in people who are going through Dawn's course together: a deep connection with one another, a shift from overthinking to more intuitive decision making, an ability to think in deeply creative ways and see new solutions.  I cannot overstate how valuable her work is, and how much Dawn has impacted the work that my team is doing at Etsy.”– Heather Jassy, SVP Etsy

Dawn's activities were like magic tricks. You would start by doing something really approachable and simple and then be led through an experience that revealed the deep unconscious motives of your heart. In the end I was always blown away by how transformative the activity had been.” --Maria Vigna, Manager Earth Designs Cooperative

“Dawn is thoughtful and thorough - a truly dedicated and talented facilitator. Anyone given the chance to work with her will find it a life deepening and enhancing experience.”--Erica Dorn, Managing Director of the Good Work Institute



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Later Event: March 5
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