The little girl sat there, on the rock thinking.
“I wonder if I walk beyond any place I’ve ever been before, what I will find?”
She wondered would the trees look the same or would they be smaller, and would the animals still be furry?  She decided on that ordinary day to begin walking in a different and new direction.  
She began following the path she saw painted in her dreams.

Artist Dawn Breeze believes creativity is a birthright and human beings most valuable natural resource.  Breeze believes Art=Life and Creator=Artist.  In 2011 Breeze began translating her process as a visual conceptual artist into a socially engaged practice and began teaching a program she developed named Creativity + Courage™. In 2016 Breeze found Instar Lodge in Germantown, NY as an opportunity to further embolden the artistic practices of other artists by providing inspired space to create, exhibit, teach and learn together with the motto, "Creativity, Courage and Community".