Healing Arts Residency


It all started when…

We recognized the need for healing artists to have spaces to practice their art. All too often, those spaces are not accessible due to high rents or long term leases.We have created this residency in response to furthering our mission to diversify how our community experiences, values, and understands the arts.


What We Offer:

Our residency program offers healing artists flexibility with short term commitments, a professional platform shared by other creative artists, and a beautiful space in Germantown, NY with connection to the Instar Lodges community network.

As part of your residency, we provide a quiet studio space, a massage bed and stool, and storage for a small quantity of artists materials. The healing arts studio is a peaceful room off of our kitchen. (There are times when the kitchen is being used, which will be noted on the calendar).

As a healing artist in residence, you have access to the Womens Workplace at Instar Lodge, including all social and networking events. You are welcome to the workshop room and library. Instar will direct our audience to you by including you on our website with a link to your booking platform or contact information and promoting your work in our newsletters during your residency.

Joining this Residency:

To join this residency, we require a commitment of three working days within three months. The fee for this residency is $325 for 3 week days (M-F) or $475 for 3 weekend days (Sat/Sun).

As a resident, you may book additional days at $40 (M-F) or $55 (Sat/Sun).

  • To book your dates, refer to this calendly link and pay on venmo @instarlodge.

  • Booked dates are non-transferable and non-refundable.  

  • The space is open for appointments 9am to 7pm with the first available booking at 9 am and the last available booking at 7pm, unless prior arrangements have been made.

  • There is opportunity for you to lead workshops and possible collaborative events.

Rates listed:

Residency Rate [includes 3 days in 3 Months, website listing, WWP membership, promotion]:

  • 3 Weekdays M-F: $325

  • 3 Weekend Days S/S: $475

Additional studio days:

  • Weekday Rate: $40

  • Weekend Rate: $55


Here are examples:

  • Susan is a resident who has chosen a weekend residency ($475), and booked four additional week days (4 x $40). She then booked one Sunday ($55).

Her total for her three month residency = $690.00 which averages to $86 per studio a day (8 work days in three months)

  • Rachel is a resident who chose a weekday residency ($325). She booked 12 more weekdays (12 x $40).

Her total for her three-month residency = $805 which averages $53 dollars per studio day. (15 work days in three months)

  • Libby is a resident who chose a weekend residency ($475) and booked eight weekends ( 8X $55) and booked twelve weekdays (12 x$40)

Her total three month residency = $955 which averages $41 dollars per studio day (23 work days in three months)

Terms of Agreement:

  • We do not book appointments for you. We highly encourage you to have your own booking platform, which we will list with your bio.

  • You must bring your own sheets/bedding and clean up after your appointments.

  • We ask that you do not use synthetic scents and energetically clear the room after your have used the space. The studio is a shared studio and will be used by other practitioners when not in use by yourself.

  • Artists-in-residence agree to the code of Instar Lodge’s professional conduct

  • Signed liability release waiver and agreement of Instar residency terms

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