(For Robert Kelly)

A chain lets go of a rocket-shaped car
The sun above the pier is a prop
I don’t trust men in fluorescent vests driving green golf carts
If an accident happens it won’t be to them
Confidence is measured by an ability to avoid disaster
He quit drinking after he fell trying to climb the fence into Trinity churchyard
He said, “Do you think our friendship can stand another fuck?”
A cook is never the animal he butchers
Modernism, abstract expressionism, the Black Mountain School
I don’t know what movement I’m part of and I’m not part of it anyway
Bellied fathers, boys in cargo shorts
It’s difficult to sympathize with or relate to others
The loudspeaker plays “God Bless America”
Resistance is conspicuous and confusing
The beach is fully half water
Bullet trails cross the surface of waves
The wind hits me all at once and is constantly renewed
It’s sensual and loving, like a snake
No one can tell me how to do this
My feet are firmly planted
Every experience is singular
A bomb in Paris, corruption in government
will not expand into the future
This is a mild form of suffering


copyright c Karen Schoemer 2016

Karen is the Virginia Scholar for Autumn 2016

(A collection of images by Karen Schoemer during residency)

(A collection of images by Karen Schoemer during residency)