Katie Grove Studio

In the studio with artist Katie Grove, Rebekah Resident Artist

"This series, The Space Between Two Bridges, explores the push and pull between ornithologist Margaret Morse Nice’s passion for research, and the demands of being a wife and mother in the early 1900s. Her 1937 book, Studies in the Life History of the Song Sparrow, which culminates eight years of studying the minute details of  hundreds of  birds’ lives, provides a jumping off point for the series. It also illustrates her need to observe and record, her pure love of nature, and the struggle for balance between home and work. These themes come to the forefront in this installation as traditional feminine items (sewing machines, tape measure, etc) are overtaken by charts, words, and elements of Nice’s studies of the song sparrows. In The Meaning of the Nest, the pieces of a sparrow’s nest interwoven with Nice’s words are literally spilling out of a drawer, unable to be contained. In Measuring Hours, a quote from her autobiography describing her relentless dedication to research is transposed over and over on a tape measurer. Her need to study and record is so powerful that it is subtly emerging in all aspects of the feminine life. The combination of Nice’s writings, image transfers of her charts and maps, and antique items with my own drawings and creative interpretations results in an unconventional and whimsical biography of a female scientist who fundamentally shifted the field of ornithology with her work."  Katie Grove