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Your name/ age:

Trailer for the Other Cinema Release Xperimental Eros with work by Lewis Klahr, Peggy Ahwesh, Mark Street, Tom Palazzolo, Naomi Uman, Thomas Draschan & Stella Friedrichs, Julia Ostertag, Jeff Krulik, and Oscar Perez. See for more info

What’s your favorite color:


What’s your favorite place:


Name three of your favorite books:

On Longing, Susan Stewart

Stupidity, Anital Ronell

Artificial Darkness, Noam Elcott

Which artists inspire you:

Harun Farocki for one—brilliant cultural soothsayer who could reveal the worship of technology, the state, social control and violence in a deeply humane way.

Peggy Ahwesh,  Martina’s Playhouse , 1989, video still.

Peggy Ahwesh, Martina’s Playhouse, 1989, video still.

What is an artist: Good question! Just went to see the Hilma af Klimt show at the Guggenheim and she and her life’s work complicates that question, as do other conjurers and mystics, in a very interesting way.

What is art: It can be what you see out of your window if you are observant or something made out of nothing if you have marks on a blank sheet of paper.

Tears of Eros, a lexicon in the style of Georges Bataille by Peggy Ahwesh.

Tears of Eros, a lexicon in the style of Georges Bataille by Peggy Ahwesh.

How do you identify as an artist:


What was a pivotal project , person, or experience that shaped your practice:


What are key elements or constants in your practice:

Messing around with photographs, juxtapositions of media elements, women’s perspectives, play, the uncanny, research, outsider art, and documents of travel and adventure.

Peggy Ahwesh,  The Star Eaters , 2003, video still.

Peggy Ahwesh, The Star Eaters, 2003, video still.

What are your current interests as an artist:

Microminiatures I’m currently working on a video installation about the political landscape of Kansas with lots of aerial shots and emphasis on places where significant things happened to ordinary people with lots of amazing outsider art documentation

*portraits of strangers

Collection of Peggy Ahwesh

Collection of Peggy Ahwesh

What do you see as the value of art:

The way/power art has to make an argument or invite thought indirectly.


What is your greatest challenge as an artist:

Focus and letting myself so deep in for inspiration and lately confidence. (I gotta get off social media!)

Peggy Ahwesh,  The Color of Love , 1994, video still.

Peggy Ahwesh, The Color of Love, 1994, video still.

What has been a victory for you as an artist:

Having my old work from the 70’s and 80’s remain in circulation and of interest within current discourses and the younger generations.

Peggy Ahwesh,  The Vision Machine , 1997, film still.

Peggy Ahwesh, The Vision Machine, 1997, film still.

Still from  Martina’s Playhouse

Still from Martina’s Playhouse

What’s next for you as an artist: