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Land & Memory

Land and Memory is a multidisciplinary group exhibit curated by artist Caitlin Parker. The title is a response to Simon Schama's Landscape and Memory. Schama presents landscape as an Arcadian and largely masculine concept projected onto the natural world, in contrast to land, earth and raw matter. Contemporary artists, particularly women artists, are taking a more visceral and immersive approach to exploring the land around them. For these artists, landscape isn't something “other” to be observed from on high and imbued with Edenic mythology. For them, the depiction of "landscape" is less a static ideal then a living, transformative nature. It is the dirt itself, it's death and rot, the tiny vibrant colors and life we overlook, the polluted sites we live alongside and the ways we interfere with nature and nature's unstoppable resistance to our aggressions, both large and small.

All of the artists included in the show are women making work about the natural world. Most are in the Hudson Valley full or part time, allowing for dialogue with the Hudson River School painters. For some of the artists, the raw materials are foraged from the ground directly. For others, their work is exploring our complicated and decidedly unromantic relationship with the land, investigating the damage we do. The work exhibited is a mix of painting, photography and textile art.

Special Artists Talk: Saturday Sept. 30th 5pm RSVP

Exhibit Opening:  Saturday Sept. 30th 6-8pm

Open for Viewing: Sept. 31 12-6pm October 7, 8, 9th 12-6pm




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