Scarlet Letters, Stitch-In-&-Away

In the exhibit Time and Again Dawn Breeze (artist/ founder of Instar Lodge) shares her Scarlet Letters--two handwork pieces where she transcribed pages of her adolescent diary and a “love” letter from a first boyfriend.  These works reveal intimate knowledge of a young girl that is often kept private, pestering with misguided shame. 

Breeze led a transformative group stich-in-&-away.  She invited the public to bring a word, a phrase, or an actual letter that someone at some point gave them that caused a feeling of shame.  Through their handwork they reclaimed power over the words, transforming them into art.  Together the participants revealed their words, stitching them in a way that heals and bound them courageously together. Shame is only shame when it is kept hidden.

When: Sept. 27th from 3-6pm

Limited to 12 participants