Suicide Imprint

Listen here to the live recording of the reading 'Suicide Imprint' at Instar Lodge.

Sept 17th we hosted a group of courageous women writers (myself included, pictured here) who shared their riveting autobiographical stories of suicide.  Rarely is there an opportunity to listen to a suicide survivor speak their truth and yet suicide occurs frequently within our communities.  Suicide is on the rise increasing over 2% a year.  The time is now to begin speaking of it and listening deeply.  The authors this evening read from a small chapbook titled Suicide Imprint that they created this year, in a workshop organized by Maureen Cummins and Denise Ranaghan, led by author Beverly Donofrio.  The workshop was supported with funding and space provided by the Mental Health Association in Kingston, NY.  The authors included: Ingrid Blaufarb Hughes, Dawn Breeze (me!), Lorraine Coscia-Ackerman, Maureen Cummins, Linda Melick, Karen Ogborn, and Denise Ranaghan.

Following the reading the authors participated in an open conversation with the audience about their personal experiences with suicide, as well as shared ideas and thoughts about prevention, stigma, and how to help support survivors. 

We have made a limited number of the hand-sewn chapbooks available for purchase on our online store.