Liberation is Praxis


 “Liberation is praxis: the action and reflection of men and women upon their world in order to transform it."--Paolo Freire

(Image of locally foraged goldenrod for natural dyeing inspired by last months Medicinal Dye Workshop)

Dear Starlight,
Despite global warmings warm fall, we are headed into the darkness, winter is arriving at our door here in the North East.  As that cold feeling enters us from outside we often sense it within as well.  Instar Lodge wants to light inner fires, keeping them aglow through the upcoming cold days we face.
This season we invite you to participate in creative community process-based experiences.  Starting this month (Nov. 17th) we invite you to join Parenting Praxis, a monthly community parenting group that examines parenting as an art, one in which we begin creating a future community canvas with love. We also begin the month with our Mending Monday (Nov. 6th 7:00)and #artistmomsunite (Nov. 3rd 7:00), all open and free gatherings around creative care.  Tailspinning, our creative writing group continues to flourish and we now host a local group of Good Work Institute Fellow’s, who meet at the space to brainstorm new working solutions for place based improvements.  In addition to these offerings, we offer our space to your unique gatherings and groups.  Do you need a space to build creative community that will help you thrive?  If you feel your idea for a group fits with our mission, reach out to us.  We want to hold space for you too.

In addition to our community gatherings we are boasting two amazing local artists currently in residence: Jef Scharf (alias Wolfy PartII), socially engaged multi-medium artist and Hallie Goodman, creative writer.  Both artists are cooking up exciting workshops and community engaged projects for you in December, stay tuned.  We love our artists in residence so much! September artist-in-residence Katrina Rodabaugh’s open letter about her experience at Instar is now up on our online journal LEX*I*CON for you to enjoy.
On a fun note, I attended the Crises on Democracy, which was the Hannah Arendt Center’s annual conference at Bard College.  I went primarily because artist Tanya Bruegera was speaking.  In the intermission I found myself in the elevator alone with her.  In those offbeat moments I learned about her Instar project in Cuba.  Her Instar is a school for ‘artivismo’ in her house.  I also learned that InstarI in Spanish means “to urge” “to push forward”.  When I opened Instar Lodge, I did so as an extension of my home (my house is two doors away) as I needed more creative space—which after I had it, I realized I wanted to share it with you. 
As Instar Lodge progresses it is important to remember it comes from the impulse of the home being where the heart is.  Instar Lodge is not a commercial venue, we are a home with a hearth stoked by creativity and community and we want you to help us keep that fire alive.  We are a place studded with stars hoping and urging forward liberation with light, recognizing the precipice of transformation, and acknowledging the value of whatever creative stage you are in now. We are here to get stoked with you!
Please help keep our fire going. Donate. Volunteer. Cheerlead. Participate.

With galaxies of love and light for you,
Dawn Breeze