Thanksgving Gratitude


"The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude"-Friedrich Nietzsche

Dear Starlight,

We are grateful to you for so many things, far too many to list.  But what we are most grateful for is your belief in the value of creativity, and your courage to continue to open yourself to your own creative expression and that of your neighbors.  We believe this activity fosters feelings of belonging and joy in community, feelings which can ripple into benevolent action, creating ever more positive opportunities for loving interdependent relationships.

As we hear the word Thanksgiving, we wonder what something are we doing or have done at Instar Lodge that you are thankful for? It could be an idea, an event, a feeling, particular artists, workshops, an experience, an object, a newsletter—anything that we have done or are doing that sparks your gratitude.   Please share a few minutes of your time with us, sharing your gratitude here. We are preparing our upcoming Giving Statement and will love to craft it from our community reflections. Please submit your response by Monday, November the 27th.  All individual responses will be responded to in kind with a small token of our gratitude.
With oceans of love and a heart overflowing with thanks to you,

Dawn Breeze