A Beautiful Tragedy at Instar Lodge

“For blue has no mind.  It is not wise, nor does it promise any wisdom.  It is beautiful, and despite what poets and philosophers and theologians have said, I think beauty neither obscures truth nor reveals it.  Likewise, it leads neither toward justice nor away from it.”—Maggie Nelson

Dear Starlight,
It’s April showers, bluish-gray, it’s cold and wet.  We have been wading through the weather these days.  The promise of Spring renewal is testing our faith.  It’s difficult.  I have been thinking about the loneliness we create around our perceived difficulties.  I wonder why we eagerly share our joy but often hide the blues?  Why does it feel so wrong to feel wrong?  I imagine like the gray skies we have been held under in the North East, we don’t want to stay dark and dank, we want warmth and sunshine.  Our discomfort acts as a catalyst to change…but sometimes it’s just the weather passing through us. Can we bring company in, to watch the thunderstorms, the mists, the haze, with wonder and awe?  Can we find beauty exactly where we are, together, in moments of discomfort as well as ease?
This coming month we open by inviting you to come together, to witness the ‘Tragic Instant’, curated by Sonia Corina Ruscoe, presented at Basilica Back Gallery, in Hudson, NY.  Looking back on The Tragic Instant (11/8/16), it is a moment that catalyzed rage, heartbreak and despair. It is the pinpoint remembering the breath of invitation for more insidious negativity like boredom and the slow damping of a spirit. The intensity of such moments fade over time, but remembering the instant that a change is ushered in has an undeniably weird intensity of its own.  Sonia Corinna, brings together seven artists (and friends) to converse multi-disciplinary works that explore the strange urgency of instants.

In addition to the exhibit a unique public event has been created by the artists.  A Seat at the Table is an interfaith, intersectional, non-secular Passover Seder / Easter Dinner / Persian New Year Celebration. A festive and delicious Seder-style conversation about the history of Oppression in America and the many forms it takes. This evening is a practice in coming together as a community and as many communities to combat oppression, eat and honor our ancestors. This event is open to the public, but reservations are required.  Reserve your spot.

It’s raining outside.  Stay warm inside.  Invite the light of another over for Calmbucha®,
Have faith in your own flowering that still hides underground unseen.  Don’t force your bulbs—light a candle for now.  Share the beauty that’s in your gray matter.  Let the rain nourish what needs to grow.  Leave home without an umbrella.  
xxDawn Breeze