A Letter of Shining Light at Instar Lodge

Image: Qualities of Integrity Cards made by  Stay Best   at Creativity=Capital workshop

Image: Qualities of Integrity Cards made by Stay Best  at Creativity=Capital workshop

Dear Starlight,
It feels like there is so much to say.  We have had really rich weeks at Instar Lodge.
I lead my Creativity=Capital workshop, in collaboration with Hudson River Exchanges Spring Workshop series.  It was the beginning of a new season of Creativity + Courage™ at Instar Lodge which founded originally as the home to Creativity + Courage™. We are so happy to begin offering it in full effect this coming fall!  And something else to put it in your pocket: I will be accepting a few select clients for creative consulting starting in September.

Griffon, (detail 8” x 8”) 2017 Mixed Medium in Paper by Ellen McKay   

Griffon, (detail 8” x 8”) 2017 Mixed Medium in Paper by Ellen McKay

In the mean time we have another incredibly exciting workshop series starting in only two weeks.  In June we begin, Heart Desire: The Thinking Person’s Guide to The Law of Attraction, with artist Ellen McKay.  This is a 2hr workshop, meeting Wednesday’s from 4-6pm in June. Ellen McKay is an exceptionally juicy fine artist who has been working the magic of the teachings of Abraham Hicks for years with great success and now she is sharing her learnings with us.  Her current students say:
I must say I was skeptical at first, but now I am an enthusiastic member of a Law of Attraction group…I am practicing the principles of Thought Transformation on a daily basis. Ellen McKay is an excellent teacher-- Judy Lechner
Ellen presents her signature "Heart's Desire" workshop with grace and surety. I found the class to be interactive, informative and intuitive. I have been nourished by attending her workshop, being in her presence, and following her wise suggestions. I highly recommend taking her "Heart's Desire" workshop. Your heart will thank you! ---Peggy Malloy,CHHC
You can read more about Ellen McKay, and see some of her gorgeous paintings and sign up for theworkshop here.

WOOP---WOOP!!!  BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  ACT I, an art exhibit organized by myself and Kristen Dodge of September Gallery is happening July 22nd, at the HUDSON HALL as the big event of a city wide extravaganza: RALLY IN THE VALLEY, a weekend long festival of arts and activism, raising awareness, fun, and funds to support our own local Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood.  Check it out on their Website—more is being added daily as workshops and events are being scheduled.
We have an open call to artists (YOU!!!!, Your BFFS, Kids, Neighbors…YOU ALL!) We are accepting postcard size original artwork everyone can submit up to two works—all works will be hung blind (think postcards from the edge) in a wonderful treasure hunt style sale—all artwork will be priced at $50 and all funds go directly to UHPP!  We did it at Nasty Women HV, we did it at Post Election, and we will do it again!  No rest, no stopping, we create change—Be a part of the good!  Read more here, submit your gorgeous works and mark your calendars for the weekend!
Of course I have more to say—but this letter is getting long. Before signing off I want to share a few key points I took away from the DIY in the Art World panel I was on this weekend with incredible women atLabspace in Hillsdale, NY.
*’The Art World’ is many worlds—and you are already a part of it
*Create your own artistic opportunities with your community (they are your best audience)
*Don’t’ wait to know how, learn by doing
*Realize you are your own authority—permission all of yourself to be expressed (be whole)
*Deciding to be an artist is a decision to make your creativity and its expression a priority in your life—but everyone and anyone has the potential to claim their identity as an artist, creativity is an innate human characteristic
*Surround yourself with encouraging community
*Your work as an artist is to liberate (start with yourself)
*Recognize the value of what you do in multiple ways: cash, social, essential + more
*Thrive vs. survive
*Recognize what you personally need to thrive as an artist (For me it’s simply time and space to create, an audience to share my work with, and enough income to keep that cycle rolling—so keep the ball rolling by finding a balance distributed between what you need to thrive)
*Recognize when you reach your limits of sharing.  Develop courage to pull back and value again what makes you thrive.  Sacrifice=death
*DIY with others
With a sky full of our shining light,