Hauntingly Beautiful Autumn Abundance at Instar Lodge

Mark your calendars now and join us for the upcoming event Tabitha, a collaborative art exhibit investigating places of transformation and transition. Organized by Instar Lodge Director Dawn Breeze and featuring new work by acclaimed artists Alison FoxMeg LipkeLauren Luloff andRuby Palmer.

The four artists in Tabitha are painters who have transgressed the discipline by reconstructing and deconstructing what we think of as painting, blending the hard lines into dimensional forms with soft materials, using architectural elements that highlight the interior and exterior, hand printing textiles and often times using floral motifs.  Breeze recognized these women were constructing a new place within what is traditionally a male discipline, and wondered what they might collectively create within Instar Lodge, a place that was historically built as a lodge for men who cared about raising human consciousness.
During their first meeting at Instar Lodge the artists responded to the place (and perhaps the ghosts inhabiting it) determining to investigate the liminal spaces between transitions of worlds, realities, and lives and explore such points of transformation. Tabitha, first famous for being a woman raised from the dead in the bible, and later famous as the beloved house-wife-witch on the 70’s sitcom Bewitched, playfully suits the title for the powerful and magical work these women have whipped up to share in this remarkably colorful and haunting exhibit.

Fall, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 18" x 24" by Alison Fox

Fall, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 18" x 24" by Alison Fox

In this bold exhibit, the artists have pushed their boundaries exploring new ways of creating.  Meg Lipke says: 
“I am an artist working primarily in flat and sculptural painting but for this project I tried to push into a different space in my practice. The result of my investigation is two bodies of work shown at Instar Lodge. The first is a singular hanging sculpture that resembles a shroud filled with sewn scraps and objects that symbolize both the weighted down-ness of human experience and the flimsiness and non-functionality of objecthood when faced with death.” 

Opening Reception: Oct. 29th 5-7pm
Viewing Hours: Oct. 30th, Nov. 5th & 6th 12-6pm

Instar Lodge 4 Church Ave. 3rd fl. Germantown, NY 12526