Seder, Sounds, and Space at Instar Lodge

“...there is a paradox: a tradition must experience change or else it will die.  In the world of archetypes, our imaginations must collectively create a new synthesis of techniques, materials, and forms in order to nurture this aspect of change.  Then, as we create change within the rules of the tradition, we feel a change in ourselves as well.”---John Diebboll
Dear Starlight,
I wonder about these religious traditions like the Seder.  Have they died, or grown stale? Or can they be re-imagined anew to re-awaken us while also reminding us of histories that need remembering?  I believe they can and must as John Diebboll speaks of.
Last night I was honored to have a ‘Seat at The Table’, the Seder-Style dinner created by artists Bahar Baharloo, Emma McCann, Rebecca Beccer and Sonia Corina as part of the current ‘Tragic Instant’ exhibit.  These artists did what Diebboll speaks of—they broke tradition while simultaneously inviting us into their cultural heritage.  Sitting with community, we shared interfaith rituals and traditions of re-birth; all gathered around Carla Perez-Gallardo’s monumental alter-installation titled, ‘On Death and Dying’. 
One of the symbols on the Jewish Seder plate was the egg, symbolizing the circle of life and the cyclical nature of sorrow and joy. I cannot help but feel the sorrow these days and I cannot help but feel the joy of yellow daffodils trumpeting “LIFE, LIFE, LIFE”.  I appreciate the spaces and places artists bring us, to the table set to honor the whole cycle of life including the beauty of dying and even suffering.
John Diebboll passed in 2010, he was an architect, artist, piano imaginista and he is the father, best-friend and muse of our upcoming featured artist Isaac Green Diebboll.  Isaac’s project at Instar ‘Requiem for My Father’, is an original site-specific piano performance one night only, May 5th.  Rsvp is recommended as we have limited seating.
And if you missed the amazing ‘Tragic Instant’ opening and the Seder-Style Dinner, do not fret, the gallery is open this TODAY through Sunday from 12-6pm and Sunday at 4pm we have a closing artist talk (Basilica Back Gallery 110 Front st.). Do not miss this very alive exhibit exploring the tragic instants that temporarily suspend life.
Leaving the pallor of yesteryear and rejoicing spring is here!