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Photo by Stella Lembcke

Photo by Stella Lembcke

Hello Starlight,

I’ve been feeling especially inspired thinking about “story” and have been reading theater maker Anne Bogart on the subject. She says:

“Artists and scientists are activists.  They look at the world as changeable and they look upon themselves as instruments for change.  They understand that the slice of the world they occupy is only a fragment but that the fragment is intrinsically connected to the whole.  They know that action matters.”

What are your actions right now?

“A talent for speaking differently, rather than for arguing well, is the chief instrument of cultural change.” --Richard Rorty, philosopher  

ARTISTS—THIS is what we do—we speak up and we speak differently!


Artwork by Lucy Blaire

Artwork by Lucy Blaire

I want to remind you that next week over 100 Nasty artists speak wildly, hard, soft, full of heart, beautifully and differently in the Nasty Women exhibit and Planned Parenthood FUNraiser!  The incredible Four-D curatorial force has amassed exquisite submissions from a wide range of talent and expression (see the list below).  All works are priced at $10-$100, making the exhibit a community gift exchange. Cash and carry, and please remember that Instar Lodge parking is the Municipal Lot.

Opening: Friday February 24th 7:00-9:00 Closing: Saturday February 25th 12:00-5:00

Thanks to participating artists: Marion Albers, Jen Ann, James Autery, Nancy Barber-Stone, Lauren Barnes, Aly Barohn, Atsuko Bauman, Emily Beresford, Hannah Berger, Annie Bielski, Lucy Blaire, Dawn Breeze, Eve Brown, Lars Bulrecz, Madeleine Buzbee, Sarah Carpenter, Chloe Chappe, Lizzy Chemel,Susan Chiappini, Claire Conley, Hillarey Dees, Erika deVries, Michael DiRosa, Lindsey Erin Luna, Alison Fox, Dana Gentile, Beka Goedde, Jessica Goehring, Christina Graham, Loey Gregory-Wiley, Freeda Handelsman, Clara Harlow, Sue Havens, Michele Hertz, Genie Hertz, Brece Honeycutt, DJ Horres,Bethany Hughes, Laetitia Hussain, Aiyana Jaffe, Licha Jiminez, Ellen Jouret-Epstein, Gretchen Kelly,Stella Lembcke, Anne Lindberg, JJ Manford, Ian McElfresh, Richard Minsky, Moriah Mudd-Kelly, Portia Munson, Ripley Nichols, Sophia Orlow, Nellie Ostow, Caitlin Parker, Adina Pease, Scout Pines, Rosa Polin, Sara Quinn, Heather Rae Hatton, Lucy Reiss, Emma Ressel, Maryann Riker, Emily Ritz, Karla Roberts, Katrina Rodabaugh, Mandolyn Rosen, Sonia Ruscoe, Studio Scrivo, Val Shaff, Parker Shipp,Barbara Slate, Kiki Smith, Simon Smith, Elisa Soliven, Sophie Strand, Amy Talluto, Nicole Ucedo, Becca Van K, Scott Vander Veen, Jack Whitescarver, Julia Whitney Barnes.

We invite you to share yourself with us.  We are now accepting creative submissions to our online journallex*i*con from any artist, educator, student, curator, or writer that has participated in anyway at Instar Lodge as well as Instar members.  We are accepting fiction and non-fiction writing, images, video and audio pieces.  We are also going to be featuring artist stories and interviews, so please keep us informed about your practice or special projects for consideration.  Please send all submissions to:  info@instarlodge.com with "lex*i*con submission" in the subject line.

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With cosmic love,
Dawn Breeze