Thinking of You, Spring

Artist/writer Annie Bielski listening to her co-readers at LEX*I*CON reading.

Artist/writer Annie Bielski listening to her co-readers at LEX*I*CON reading.

Dear Starlight,

I am thinking of you.  I am thinking about wealth and how we measure it.  How do you measure it? Navajo scholar Gary Witherspoon writes, 

“A Navajo often counts his wealth in the songs he knows and especially in the songs he has created. A poor Navajo is one who has no songs, for songs enrich one's experiences and beautify one's activities.”  

This idea of wealth being connected to an individual’s creativity, measured by how it beautifies a collective experience is rich to contemplate.  It suggests that it is not the money paid for the song that makes one wealthy but rather the ability to create and express oneself that makes one wealthy.  

I can’t help but think about this as our leaders run our country into the ground, in attempts to squeeze money from rocks.  I agree our country is poor right now, from lack of creative capital, social capital, and spiritual capital. That said, our local community and community of artists illustrate a richness that cannot be robbed, because it is within each of us, shining brightly in each other’s company.  

We saw it this last weekend at Instar during our first LEX*I*CON reading, where four women writers shared powerful, funny, vulnerable, poignant writing with an engaged and compassionate audience.  We see it in the artist in residence studio, with Katie Grove busy as a bee, making, researching, playing, repeat!   

Starlight, it is your creativity that makes you rich.  Creativity is regenerative capital.

Join us for the work of our inaugural artist-in-residence, Katie Grove. She will hold her open studio on March 25th, starting at 3pm.  
During her month long residency at Instar Lodge, she expands her most recent project, Great Migrations, by investigating actual woman naturalists of the 19th and 20th centuries, in particular Margaret Morse Nice, an ornithologist and naturalist born in 1883. In this work, she takes the details of her life and the meticulous data and observations she collected during her career and re-imagines them into drawings and book art pieces. 

Open Studio: Saturday March 25th 3:00-6:00