October Blast and a Kid's Menu


We have some good news for you. We've changed how we are offering our children's workshops to better accommodate your needs. We are now putting the scheduling into your hands. If you're interested in a children's workshop from our menu, let us know. When we've reached a full class, we will reach out to find best times for everyone. The other option is to put together your own group of children, min 4, and let us know what time is best for you. For more information, contact us at: info@instarlodge.com and visit the website to read more about the available workshops.

In other news:

Women's Workplace is growing beautifully, new members have been added monthly. We are shaping up to be a mixed-aged creative collective, equally divided between professional writers and artists. We held our first social and discovered further overlaps of interests in: wonder, natural dye, crafting, indie film and wine (of course). It's not too late to join this month and come participate in the first “Werk-it Workshop” on October 8th at 7pm--imagine roundtable discussion meets thinktank with a throwback to art school group critiques.