Goddard College MFAIA Stories: Dawn Breeze on Instar and Joseph Beuys

Community working at an Instar Lodge workshop.

Community working at an Instar Lodge workshop.

Dawn Breeze and her MFAIA Story

DAWN BREEZE, a 2017 graduate of Goddard College’s MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts (MFAIA) program was in conversation with Pete Hocking about her experience at Goddard, artistic practice, and hey current projects from Instar Lodge to Place Corps.

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Here’s a sneak peek:

[Instar’s] focus — supporting female-identified creatives in concrete ways, while remaining open to the whole community.”  This becomes clear as one recognizes the ways Instar Lodge is committed to create working spaces for women who may not identify as ‘capital-A artists,’ but rather as people who are more broadly creative. Dawn was especially eager to point out that the program honors all aspects of creativity, with some women engaging in traditional crafts or fine arts or even writing a dissertation.

“Instar provides opportunity for creativity to flourish by creating spaces of support and developing community around it.” 

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