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FREE fun creating and community conversations in Hudson, NY

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We just couldn't resist adding more FREE family fun events to our calendar. Join us this weekend and next! We are hosting a creative journey during the much loved Hudson River Exchange Summer Market and the Take care Fair in Hudson, NY. Children (no judgement if you consider yourself a kid and you might be 40+yrs old)explore their creativity; from plant stamping to stitching to sun dyeing and much more under the tent and sky, making and playing with the wonder of wildness. Join us in making everything more fun, more wild, more free, and more playful!

Saturday 6/23:
10-12pm Make Your Mark: Plant stamping on fabric and paper (all ages)

12-2pm Creative embroidery (Stitch your own design, your name, your pet, your poem) (5yr+)
Saturday 6/30:
10-11am Wild flower arranging and Haiku poetry writing inspired by Ikebana (all ages)

11:-12pm Wild flower essence painting (all ages)

12-2:00 Sun printing with wild flowers (all ages)

Sunday 6/24:

3-5:00 pm Community Conversation at Olana

This Sunday we turn our attention to the outdoors, walking and talking together at Olana State Historic Site, with our Community Conversations co-hosted with Good Work Institute. Always FREE, always for anyone. Prompts for discussion: Today what is the role of the artist to place and place to artist? How do the colors of a place affect the creations and culture in a place? Why is art important to our place now?

RSVP appreciated:
***Meet at 3:00 at the lower parking lot at Olana in Hudson, NY