February Lovin': Drop Now

Tears of Eros, a lexicon in the style of Georges Bataille by Peggy Ahwesh.

Tears of Eros, a lexicon in the style of Georges Bataille by Peggy Ahwesh.

It’s February and freezing as frckkk! Please indulge us though--cuz we are feeling really hot!
 January was hopping with sold out workshops, love letters, lots of wine and unwinding, gaggles of girls that werk it at Womens Workplace, and a general attitude of upward mobility while the temp. drops outside.


SHE SHOP: Our new womenmade womenworn content shop, curated by our Instar Lodge community.

Come see what we desire!

She Shop is updated regularly, so you can shop for feel good things that make you feel even better knowing the the money goes into the hands of creative lady-preneurs and mamma bears. AND for those of you that want to follow SHE SHOP on Instagram--she’s there! @the_sheshop AND you can expect future SHE SHOP POP UP’S with the lady-makers.


Speaking of lady-makers, we have a queen of experimental film working at Instar Lodge as a studio resident, the ineffable Peggy Ahwesh.


We feature Peggy's in this month’s LEX*I*CON. See what it means to be an artist in her own words. Peggy was just speaking this month at the MOMA about her favorite director Doris Wishman, BUT read LEX*I*CON to know Peggy’s favorite color.

CNF CIRCLE:  ||SLIDING SCALE|| Join writer/author/teacher Nina Boutsikaris for an intimate and invigorating 6-session Creative Non-Fiction Writing Workshop. Bring your writing to the next level in the new year! LEARN MORE & REGISTER HERE.

LOVE LETTERS :  Join Instar Lodge in the new year for a heart-centered practice of writing love letters.  Love Letters will meet once-a-month and is open to anyone. Read more and register here.

CHANGE-MACHINE: MONEY MATTERS  ||BY DONATION|| Money Matters is part-book-club, part-confessional, part-get-your-shit-in-order. This change-machine[support hug] group is a 5 month commitment.
Learn more and register here.



Join us at the Lodge with W_I_P Projects for an all day communal updating of Wikipedia entries on subjects related to gender, art and feminism. We invite people of all gender identities and expressions to participate. Come at any time. We will have soup and snacks too. Learn more and register here.

INTEGRITY + PURPOSE: Creativity and Courage Workshop:  ||SLIDING SCALE|| Can you clearly articulate your integrity or purpose? Why does it matter to know these things about self or creative enterprise? Start 2019 with authenticity and courage with this creative workshop. Learn more and register here.

August: Last Summer Daze

This month's LEX*I*CON artist: Lizzy Marshall

This month's LEX*I*CON artist: Lizzy Marshall

How are you feeling? How are you handling the humidity and sticky sweltering wetness? It’s summer and a wild season of unbelievable beauty whether or not we love the weather. But we do love the weather. We love the peach sky and crespular haze rising from the green meadows and touching the felted clouds. These soft nights where dreams move to the melody of peepers. What’s not to love about a Hudson Valley Summer?
We are excited to close August with a magnificent Community Conversation this weekend in Hudson, NY.  Joining up with Kites Nest on Sunday at 3pm, and walking along Front street, witnessing the historic city’s diverse waterfront.  We will observe it’s living histories while discussing big questions about what citizenship means and what belonging to a place means. Join us, it's FREE always and all are welcome!RSVP here.

Our Summer Place Community Conversation series has been a treasure trove of field trips and new friendships. We are so grateful to our Co-host Good Work Institute (btw their upcoming fellowship applications are open now!) and all of our generous sponsors and partners for making this season incredible! Stay tuned for our Autumn Community Conversation Series, kicking off in September! We will be announcing our partners and location details in just a few weeks.
In other news, we had the delight of visiting artist Lizzy Marshall in her Kingston T-Shirt Factory Studio. Her studio, words, and work are featured in this month’slex*i*con. There is nothing like peeking into an artist’s private world. Please tag us on Instagram if you would like to be considered for a lex*i*con feature.  We know many amazing artists in the area, but we want to know all of you! (We have epic aspirations-we’re artists!)
Lastly, we open our doors to the first women of the Womens Workplace in only two weeks. We spent the last few months reading applications and learning more about what our creative women want—and so we modified our club structure and created membership tiers, making the process once accepted, easy-easy for everyone! Not only are the women walking in AMAAZZZZZING but we also have a new WWP leader: Rachel Ephraim, who will lead up the monthly WORKshop and Wine+Unwind which are the club socials.  Learn more now, and join the funhouse, I mean workplace, I mean home of the Wonder Women!
Wishing you all the sweetness of field flowers,
xxxDawn Breeze

PS. Don't forget to join us for our new hot practice with Yoga instructor (fabulous photographer + gem of a woman!) Valerie Schaff.  Val leads a drop-in yoga class, all levels on Monday mornings at 9am. We call it the Magic Hour!  We hope you will start your week off hot with us! Learn more online.

July, aka We're HOT and so are you

This month's LEX*I*CON artist: Dawn Breeze at her the Studio

This month's LEX*I*CON artist: Dawn Breeze at her the Studio

It’s HOT. We’re HOT. What are you all doing to stay cool? 
We have been going to as many waterfalls and pools as we can. You’re more likely to find us hiding under the shade of the forests than behind our screens these days. The heat admittedly has us slower, languishing and lollygagging about, and we feel just fine about that. Next time we see you and you ask us what we’re up to, the answer is “being hot and slow." Busyness is so last season.
This month we’ve picked up a new hot practice with Yoga instructor (fabulous photographer + gem of a woman!) Valerie Schaff.  Val will be leading a drop-in yoga class Monday mornings at 9am called the Magic Hour!  We hope you will start your week off hot with us! Learn more online.
In addition to our Summer Place Community Conversation at Woodchuck Lodge on the 29th where we will walk and talk about wonderment in the footsteps of naturalist John Burroughs, we have added another conversation called ‘Drinks + Thinks’Thursday evening the 19th. At Drinks + Thinks we will discuss the pop-cultural phenomenon of the utopian and dystopian TV shows that have kidnapped our collective imaginations: Wild Wild Country and The Handmaiden's Tale. This FREE event is by RSVP only. Read more about it on our website. We hope you will join us for both conversations.
In this month’s LEX*I*CON journal, we feature my studio. Yup, that’s right—and it has brought up my discomfort of visibility.  How many of you artists and creatives are truly comfortable being your own agents?  Or being in front of the camera?  How many of you feel able to sing your elevator speech and let the world see your light?  How many of you feel comfortable showing the world a whole picture, the self that isn’t always smooth?  The art that is in process? For those of you that can answer yes, I applaud you!  For those of you that answer “not me”—I’m with you.  Because of this, I am imagining ways for us to collectively gain courage through practice. I will be folding this into programming and the Women’s Workplace this coming year.
We do not need to be found or given permission by an outside authority—we need to see and permit ourselves to show the world our creative light. We are in a new time. We are new women!

Summer Place: Joyous June News

rebecca cyanotype.jpg

Summer Party, Switzerland. Cyanotype by Rebecca Cosenza, this month's LEX*I*CON artist
SUMMER is HERE! Or so we believe with our ready, sweaty imaginations, and bodies wanting to wade in water and munch on watermelon—Mmmmm!
This Summer we take a break from indoor activities and turn our attention to the outdoors with our Community Conversations. We are delighted to announce the Summer Place series, co-hosted with Good Work Institute, an amazing local organization building a network of Hudson Valley creative entrepreneurs and changemakers, working together to do more good work.
We will be visiting a few of our favorite places with partnering orgs: Olana,Woodchuck Lodge and Kites Nest; walking and talking about how we understand place and our relationships with it and with one another through time. All of our conversations are based on topics found in What We’re Reading. We are fortunate to offer these FREE conversations in thanks to the routine support we receive from our Instar Lodge Members, our local sponsors, and friends: Made + CollectedOtto’s MarketUpstate Diary and Farm Table.

This month in our LEX*I*CON journal we feature our very own Instar star, artist Rebecca Cosenza and her studio and reflections on what it means to be an artist. We have opened our applications to:WOMENS WORKPLACE , a co-working space for creatives and club inspired by the Rebekah’s Membership Club. Every day a new application is received we become shooting stars with glee! Apply now to begin working, hanging, making, playing, drinking, eating, talking, and creating together. Read what the club offers on our website and join us.
Thank you to all of you who visited, joined and partnered with us in May for the many events we hosted.  Each time we greet a new face and meet an old one, we fall more in love with our creative community. See you soon!

community convo summer place news.jpg

PS. What are you doing this Saturday? On a personal side note, you're invited to my art opening, Wear the Earth at the Re-Institute in Millerton, NY 4-7pm, featuring new sculpture. Stay for a potluck dinner at the farm after. I would love to see you there:)

dawn breeze wear the earth.jpg