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March First Backward to Grow Forward

Outtake from      Mapping Purpose      workshop

Outtake from Mapping Purpose workshop

There are many things to be said, to be thought, had, read, and too much in our heads! Lately, we have been planning to have less. Following last month's excellent Mapping Purpose workshops, we are applying our learning to how we want Instar to grow. It's an oxymoron to grow more by doing less--but that's where we are headed.

It's not that we will have less diverse programming or areas of interest, actually we are realizing that one of our star qualities is our holistic approach to creativity and the understanding of Art in community. One way we imagine doing less but more is developing collaborative partner relations that help share our mission forward.


One of our recent initiatives is SHE SHOP, a curated catalogue of womenmade womenworn items of desire. It has been so fun to connect with a maker making earrings in Ukraine, a young woman working on a hand dyed dress in China and an older lady weaving in India. We often talk about the importance of building a local economy and we believe that 110%. We also believe in extending localism and capital through conscious consumerism. Before we started this project we were not Etsy lovers--now we are, and we hope you are falling in love with what we are finding for you. For those of you that want to follow SHE SHOP on Instagram--she’s there! @the_sheshop

ART+FEMINISM WIKIPEDIA EDIT-A-THON' : March 9th. Did you know that you can write history?! It's true and we need your help to keep Wikipedia relevant by broadening the feminist content. Frances Cathryn from WIP Projects will be co-hosting which means we are in great editorial hands.

CREATIVE BEAUTY : WELLNESS POP UP We are delighted to host a Pop-Up with artist-aesthetician Melanie Herring on Sunday, March 24th. Melanie is traveling from Brooklyn to offer her much desired facials one day at Instar Lodge. We met Melanie two years ago and have held her card near our hearts hoping for this opportunity to work with her. Each facial is entirely bespoke and formulated to fully support the needs of the individual. Treatments include lymphatic drainage, marma point activation, intuitive facial massage and deep reiki/energy work. Learn more and book direct with Melanie.

LOVE LETTERS :   Join Instar Lodge for a heart-centered practice of writing love letters. Perfect for Valentines Day! Love Letters meets once-a-month and is open to anyone. Read more and register here.

WERKSHOP:  There's something 'bout that work, work, work, work, work, work (Rihanna). At Instar Lodge HQ, we love a good work crit where we come together to real talk on the good, the bad, and the loco. Read more and register here.

WINE + UNWIND:  Wine + Unwinding Social. Meet up for drinks + chat away with the creative ladies of Womens Workplace. Read more and register here.

February Lovin': Drop Now

Tears of Eros, a lexicon in the style of Georges Bataille by Peggy Ahwesh.

Tears of Eros, a lexicon in the style of Georges Bataille by Peggy Ahwesh.

It’s February and freezing as frckkk! Please indulge us though--cuz we are feeling really hot!
 January was hopping with sold out workshops, love letters, lots of wine and unwinding, gaggles of girls that werk it at Womens Workplace, and a general attitude of upward mobility while the temp. drops outside.


SHE SHOP: Our new womenmade womenworn content shop, curated by our Instar Lodge community.

Come see what we desire!

She Shop is updated regularly, so you can shop for feel good things that make you feel even better knowing the the money goes into the hands of creative lady-preneurs and mamma bears. AND for those of you that want to follow SHE SHOP on Instagram--she’s there! @the_sheshop AND you can expect future SHE SHOP POP UP’S with the lady-makers.


Speaking of lady-makers, we have a queen of experimental film working at Instar Lodge as a studio resident, the ineffable Peggy Ahwesh.


We feature Peggy's in this month’s LEX*I*CON. See what it means to be an artist in her own words. Peggy was just speaking this month at the MOMA about her favorite director Doris Wishman, BUT read LEX*I*CON to know Peggy’s favorite color.

CNF CIRCLE:  ||SLIDING SCALE|| Join writer/author/teacher Nina Boutsikaris for an intimate and invigorating 6-session Creative Non-Fiction Writing Workshop. Bring your writing to the next level in the new year! LEARN MORE & REGISTER HERE.

LOVE LETTERS :  Join Instar Lodge in the new year for a heart-centered practice of writing love letters.  Love Letters will meet once-a-month and is open to anyone. Read more and register here.

CHANGE-MACHINE: MONEY MATTERS  ||BY DONATION|| Money Matters is part-book-club, part-confessional, part-get-your-shit-in-order. This change-machine[support hug] group is a 5 month commitment.
Learn more and register here.



Join us at the Lodge with W_I_P Projects for an all day communal updating of Wikipedia entries on subjects related to gender, art and feminism. We invite people of all gender identities and expressions to participate. Come at any time. We will have soup and snacks too. Learn more and register here.

INTEGRITY + PURPOSE: Creativity and Courage Workshop:  ||SLIDING SCALE|| Can you clearly articulate your integrity or purpose? Why does it matter to know these things about self or creative enterprise? Start 2019 with authenticity and courage with this creative workshop. Learn more and register here.