Vase, by Nancy Barber

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Vase, by Nancy Barber


Hand made one of a kind ceramic wall vase.  Each of the three in the series vary slightly.  All look wonderful on a wall as a single piece or grouped together as a constellation of vases and flowers.

As seen in Time & Again exhibit

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"I'm an artist working primarily in ceramics.
Before that I spent periods writing, mostly journalism, and taking pictures. Also had a stint as a video artist producing my own cook show for cable tv. Plus there were my two years as a chef in my own restaurant.
Everything I make is useful.
I first picked up clay because I wanted to make large platters and bowls. My motives were practical. With cooking and playing with food as my driving force in life, I needed plates and bowls of all types. My initial influence was very Japanese but I couldn't sustain that simplicity for long. The desire to punch, poke, bump and stretch and play with clay was too strong. Between the various clay bodies and glazes and historical references to choose from, I stayed with the clay, way beyond the purely practical. I still cling to the useful object—but somethings just barely. I'm forever driven to push the buttons and the boundaries."--Nancy Barber

I still do plenty of bowls, but have done my share of bathroom tiles and even tiled a swimming pool. Recently I have focused on large planters—which reflects my budding love of plants.