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HER STORY:  Fahari Wambura

HER STORY:  Fahari Wambura—Owner/Designer of Fahari Bazaar

October 16th at 7pm: Join us for an evening of story.

Cost: Free

Instar Lodge hosts HER STORY: A Woman-Artist-Entrepreneur Story hour, inviting exceptional women to casually share their story of enterprise and mission with community over warm drinks and snacks.  We believe we learn in many ways, and while there are 100’s of how-to become what you want books, we believe that really we learn “how-to-become-ourselves” through the inspiring personal stories of courage, synchronicity, and ambition that forms successful enterprise. 

Fahari Wambura will share her story and how it all threaded together to create Fahari Bazaar.

A bit about Fahari Bazaar (

Fahari Bazaar was started in 2015 with the goal of creating opportunities for women in Tanzania and Kenya and a commitment to sourcing only the highest quality products directly from the people that make them. Fahari Bazaar is creating sustainable opportunities for skilled artisans. These beautiful handmade products are made to last and be treasured.

In her own words:

"My hope is that through this business, I can support women by creating sustainable opportunities. This is my way of saying that I see their struggle, and that I understand what they go through. This is my way of fulfilling my responsibility to them and keeping my mother’s spirit alive.”