Frances Cathryn

Communications Coordinator, Historic Huguenot Street. Instar Grant Writer. Founder of WIP Projects.

Why is it important for you to join Womens Workplace? To meet other likeminded women in the Hudson Valley.

Birthday: May 23, 1988

Mariann Sullivan

Animal Law teacher. Podcaster on the Our Hen House Podcast and the Animal Law Podcast.

Why is it important for you to join Womens Workplace? I hope it to be an opportunity to be in that lovely space, an opportunity to have a place to work with focus, and an opportunity to be around good people.

Box 310 (or 273 Main Street)
Germantown, NY 12526

Triona Fritsh


Why is it important for you to join Womens Workplace? Connecting with other women has always been an important part of my life. Instar lodge is extremely important to me as well, and WWP is another aspect of the Instar that I want to be more involved in.

PO Box 38
Hollowville NY, 12530

Rebecca Cosenza

Artist. Children’s Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher.

Why is it important for you to join Womens Workplace?  It offers what I need and crave. A space and place that supports me, that uplifts, that encourages. A community of women, mothers, artists, educators. A wealth of knowledge, good feels, and laughs.

Birthday: April 21, 1997

4663 Rt 9G, Germantown, NY 12526

Dawn Breeze


Why is it important for you to CREATE the Womens Workplace? Because we need spaces and places that support and foster creativity, courage, and community—especially as women. We grow up in a cultural environment of competition versus cooperation, which isolates us at the cost of intimate connections. We often struggle with identities thwarted by a sexist history which doesn’t acknowledge domestic labor as creative, and dismisses either the role of motherhood or our chosen identities as creatives; assuming a woman can’t be both and more. I believe in women helping women. I believe in intergenerational learning. I believe everyone is an artist. I believe in the power of creativity to heal and change the world for better. I believe when we make space for our individual creativity we can better serve the collective. This is why I created WWP.


228 Main st. Germantown, NY 12526

Peggy Ahwesh

Experimental filmmaker and video artist. Bricoleur. Professor.

Purpose Statement as Artist-in-Residence at Instar Lodge: I have been a pretty productive film and video artist for some time, I teach at Bard in the Film Program and live in Catskill. I have always worked from home or my office on my computer but I find this arrangement to be inadequate for my current project. I have just recently expanded my practice to include some things that take up space—installation, large photos, found objects and multiple light projections. It’s a bit late in the game, but I do realize the value of the artist studio as a place to work and do studio visits with a curator or writer.

Corinna Borden

Chief Enthusiasm Officer for Sweet Showers Homestead, mother of Millie and Dragon. Writer, creator, joy contagion.

Why is it important for you to join Womens Workplace? To have a container for my creativity, to have a container/structure for the work I want to do, to hold myself accountable, to have a community, to have space to breathe.

123 Daisy Lane, Rhinebeck, 12572

Nina Boutsikaris

CNF writer, teacher of writing, and forever student.

Why is it important for you to join Womens Workplace? I just moved to the Hudson Valley from Brooklyn and it is easy for me to become isolated writing all day at home or in a coffee shop. Not only am I looking to connect with local women and thread myself into the fabric of the creative community here, but without the influence and support of other women creatives, I can forget what it means to be a citizen of the arts community in particular, I can lose track of my priorities, and as an emerging writer a commitment to a shared spaced that shares my values is vital. I am seeking a space where I can not only get good work done, but can also share ideas, talk, be inspired, and collaborate.

Birthday: April 18

536 Columbia Street 1F
Hudson NY 12534

Kate Minford

Creative, recovering from the Art-world, burgeoning designer, CNF scribbler, mom of Fanny Pack (the cutest puppy ever)

Why is it important for you to join Womens Workplace? I am looking for a space to paint, draw, and make baskets in. Also a place to interact with other creative and inspiring women.

Katie Ford

Visual mixed medium artist (printer, painter, maker)

Purpose Statement as Artist-in-Residence at Instar Lodge: Drawn to the parallels between physical space and emotional topography, I have formed my studio practice around considerations of the landscapes that we build for ourselves. Though I work across a variety of media, I have found myself recently focusing on textiles and paper-based pieces. My recent drawings and prints explore how to visually translate the vivid blur of mental space, internal and interpersonal environments felt in the pit of your stomach or the span of a conversation. While my recent studio constraints have limited by ability to work three dimensionally, I hope to begin incorporating objects and installation back into my studio practice one I have a space that can accommodate this. I am interested in the conversation between 2D and 3D representation, how an installation can be a drawing or a flat composition can be presented with the sensibility of an object. At Instar I am excited about the artistic community that has been cultivate around the organization. I anticipate that it will both support my practice in the studio as well as deepen my connections to other creatives in the area.

Birthday: July 8, 1988

Melynda Fuller

An essayist at work on a book about growing up in a rural community and the impact of gun violence on her life. A deep admirer of writer Sigrid Nunez, who mentored her and taught her the importance of a life dedicated to art.

Why is it important for you to join Womens Workplace? I recently relocated to the are and I'm looking to connect with a smart, creative community of women. I also loved the space and focus when I visited a few weeks ago.

745 Warren St., 2nd Fl Hudson, NY 15234

Mary Stuart Masterson

Filmmaker (writer, director, producer), Actor, Founder Stockade Works 501(c)(3). Co-Founder Storyhorse Documentary Theater. Mother of 4.

Why is it important for you to join Womens Workplace? To support working women artists in my community and feel a closer connection to them. To commit to my writing as much as I commit to community-oriented work.

P.O. Box 517 Tivoli, NY 12583

Rebecca Posner

Artist, bodyworker, and educational writer who is inspired by Pam Grossman of Phantasmaphile and Witch Wave podcast ( a living female role model she admire’s and has been lucky enough to learn from).

Why is it important for you to join Womens Workplace?I have recently migrated to the Hudson Valley after spending 10 years living and working in Brooklyn. The space, the air, the growing-room for creativity, the connection to the Earth is all feeding me and my work. I'm also acutely aware of my need to connect to conscious communities where I can share all the creative growth that I have come here for in the first place. And it's probably no coincidence that in my recent creative and teaching exploits I have been especially cognizant of the power and necessity of collaboration, especially among women. I've never sought out a "women's space" before. To some degree, I have always taken sisterhood for granted in my life. With this move, I'm in a new era of conscious choices about my environment and my community - so the draw towards Women's Workplace feels strong, clear, and exponentially positive.

40 Broome Street Catskill, NY

Gabriela Bonomo

Actor/Performer/Writer/Creator/Maker (and a Mother)

Inspired by Annet Henneman (founder, actor and director of Teatro di Nascoto) described as: a powerhouse of strength, empathy, resistance, resilience and vulnerability.

Why is it important for you to join Womens Workplace? I grow the most when I am surrounded by community that holds the same values as I do. I found the motto of Womens Workplace inspiring and believe that spaces hold their stories. When I read about how the building where Instar Lodge is has also housed the Rebekah's, I recognized a way of looking at the world. I look forward to meeting other creative women in this community.

Birthday: June 14, 1984

519 Angel Hill Rd Chatham, NY 12037

Alexa Wilding

Singer-Songwriter. Memoirist. Mother of twin boys. Fan of Mann—Sally Mann.

Why is it important for you to join Womens Workplace? We are relocating to the area, and I am looking for an inspiring space to work in but also a hub to meet like-minded women. Even though writing is solitary, the musician in me is super social, and I am excited to connect and learn from other makers, mothers, movers and shakers. Community is everything to me.

Birthday: April 27, 1981

716 County Route 2, Elizaville, NY 12523

Frances Sultan

Writer of short stories, booker of bands, mother of daughters, owner of Half Moon in Hudson, NY. Lover of Virginia Woolf.

Why is it important for you to join Womens Workplace? O I need a room of my own ! In order to escape 2 kids and house anxieties . Get back in touch with my creative mind.

Birthday: March 31, 1981

201 Allen st. Hudson, NY 12534

Rachel Ephraim

Fiction writer, novelist, story slammer, mother of young daughters; who remind her to connect to the subconscious, to wonder, and to play.

Why is it important for you to join Womens Workplace? It feels like my childhood dream come true to come into a space with friends, thinkers, artists and have nothing else to do there but create and connect.

202 Buckwheat Road, Germantown, NY 12526

 Erin Marie Sickler

Writer, Ecstatic Dancer, Yogi, Creative Coach

Which woman inspires her? Susan Sarandon: Performing at a high level but also staying real. Sexy at any age.

Why is it important for you to join Womens Workplace? Community. Getting out of isolation/working alone. Sharing ideas with others. Being in a woman-centric workplace

Birthday: August 6, 1978

183 2nd Street #3 Troy, NY 12180