Do you have a creative project you would like to propose to Instar Lodge?  Are you an artist, musician, actor, dancer, writer, speaker, thinker, maker, doer...etc. who has something to share with the community, or invite the community to participate in with you?  We are always accepting proposals for exhibitions, events, readings, screenings, concerts, workshops, and things that creatively defy category.  If you have something you want us to consider for future programming please apply.

Project and Workshop Applications Include:

·      300 word max bio of each artist, writer, educator, facilitator, curator, or performer involved

·      300 word max project description

·      Include ideal dates

·      Include supporting documentation (cv, press, reviews, images, video, web links)

·      Include contact information

Instar Lodge does not finance any proposed project, class, etc.

Instar Lodge does not sell anything, it is operated solely through membership, sponsorship, donation, grants and other creative economy; working to make it accessible and mutually beneficial to all involved.

If a program or project is accepted, Instar Lodge will negotiate the terms to maximize mutual benefits for the space, artists and community.

Community engaged projects that apply with their own funding source, which can offer free public programming are given first consideration.

Instar Lodge may ask for additional supporting materials while reviewing requests at their discretion.

Project Proposal Fee: $10

We review projects on a rolling basis and reply to all submissions within 30 days.


  1. To apply, download the application, fill it out & save.
  2. Purchase an application fee
  3. Email the application, along with work samples to
Project Proposal Application Fee
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